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    Lots of work to do… – ADEdge – 10h/remaining_LD19

    Posted by (twitter: @Alex_ADEdge)
    December 19th, 2010 8:28 am

    Still got a lot to do, not sure if Ill have anything worth submitting for the contest come 0 hour. Its 2am here and Ive had another busy day away from my computer *sigh*

    Anyway a quick update, the menu page is done and working, it loads the game, exits and looks pretty.

    Pretty uninspiring title. But until I think of something better it’ll do. – Feel free to make suggestions.

    I also have basic game environment done, nothing major but its all I can do for now. Need to get this thing in the air and some more gameplay!

    So much to do! Im about to do my last 2 hours for tonight (taking me to 4am) and ill really try to cram in some gameplay. Then tomorrow Ill try to get up on time to polish and submit (hopefully), and since this is my first LD I really have no idea how any of that will go! *Eeek*

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    3 Responses to “Lots of work to do… – ADEdge – 10h/remaining_LD19”

    1. henry_v says:

      Wow this looks really nice, the menu screen image with the flames is amazing.. Its an interesting game idea as well, I hope you will complete it in time. :)

      • AD-Edge says:

        Cheers! Im glad people are liking it. I definitely wont be able to finish it 100% how I want in the next 10 hours, but Ill hopefully finish it off later and post it for people to play. So either way, it will get done.

    2. dertom says:

      That just looks soooo cool! Your models just rock…!

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