Island Commander Done and about 95% Complete

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December 19th, 2010 7:33 pm

Ok I’m done and I’m completely shattered after staying up all last night and working like crazy right up until the submission time.

My game is called Island Commander and it can be downloaded from here. The game is kind-of inspired by Carrier Command but with a completely different combat system. I wanted to have a story driven game so I put a bunch of cutscenes in there but they are short because I didn’t have much time to work on them (I did most of them in the last hour).

Currently it requires Windows Vista or 7, but I’ll probably do a Linux port and make it work for XP as well.

The game itself is fully playable and there are cutscenes and in-game help. I didn’t really test it too much so I have no idea if it is too hard or easy (I suspect it might be too hard). There is no music or sound effects and I would have liked to have done more graphics (especially the picture for the bad guy) and a few other things as well, but overall I think there is a solid game there.

I had heaps of fun working on this entry (although it doesn’t really feel like it right now because I’m really tired and have a bit of a headache). It was great talking to everyone on IRC (although I didn’t say much on the first day, because the chat was moving so fast I could hardly keep up).

Next time, which I hope isn’t for a long time (say… 4 months? :)) I hope to be better prepared¬† as I didn’t really have many tools or a functional library (I say this every time), and I spent a few hours at the start getting fonts into the game. Also my progress was slow on the first two days and I didn’t really start getting into it until last night and today. Perhaps if I spend more time planning, and less time watching IRC go by I would be more motivated?


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