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December 19th, 2010 7:29 am

Ok. I had again a long nights sleep, then a long breakfast, went to shower, helped my wife with some tailoring stuff as she’s making a dress, etc. Needless to say I’d be behind the schedule if I had made one. I guess I’ll have to drop some of the stuff I was going to make, but that’s how it always goes in LD, stick to the most important stuff (or the things you just want to work on?). :)

From my last screenshot you might be able to pick up a “scanner” feature. I haven’t actually implemented that one yet, and not even started on a “shop” feature. Also, my visuals are still totally on prototype level, so I’m a bit divided if I should start making even a bit of visuals now and leave some of the gameplay features unimplemented unless I still happen to have some time in the end. Also, I have SFX in but haven’t made background music yet (tried to make something though, but I wasn’t happy with the first try). My guess is that I’ll now work on some gfx and music and then see what to do with the missing gameplay.

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