Trip – Post Mortem

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December 19th, 2010 8:17 pm

Made in Flashpunk.

Ludum Dare Page
Timelapse : Trip (n.)

Finished my game for Ludum Dare 19: Discovery.  Would’ve posted my development stuff during LD but didn’t really have time so I’ll do it now.

I was originally going to do a parkour-ish platformer that depends on ability unlocks, but while I was making an “energy bottle thing” it ended up looking like a bottle of meds.  So the original storyline of “random square jumps around really fast” got changed to “random square jumps around really slow and happens to be senile/old/drug-abusing.”

To propel the storyline, I decided to use hallucinations, giving it a more upfront, connected feel.  There are three characters that make up the hallucinations: a psychologist that tries to “fix” him, a friend (his conscience) that helps take down his conscience mindset in order to rebuild it later, and an enemy (his subconscience) that tries to reinforce his mental stability, preventing him from helping himself out of it.  The images and their quotes match this description to a degree (although I won’t tell which is which; take a guess if you’d like).

Several times during development my cat would reach under my door with it’s paw and mess with the springy thing on my door and I let it out and that cat was distracting and awesome yeah.

Good first Ludum Dare overall, going to play these games now.

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