I discovered a game idea !

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December 18th, 2010 9:47 am

Hey there ! I spent a few hours thinking about the theme, and I’ve really had a hard time finding a good (in my opinion 😉 ) idea for a game:

The basic game principles of my game

And here’s the meal I ate four hours ago (I couldn’t upload it before because of Bluetooth issues, but then I realized I had a USB cable for my phone xD ):

That was good !

Now: it’s time to implement the game !

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  1. dmennenoh says:

    Funny, I had something quite similar worked out – where you could move a mirror and a prism – The mirror to aim the laser and the prism would break the beam into three or more separate beams. You’d have to get each beam to then hit something to go on. I like the concept, but not what I’m doing. PS – those sausages look great. Where do you live? Never say waffles like that before.

    • Fififox says:

      Great minds think alike ! :) I don’t plan on letting prisms move, but rather turn… Well, there’s still time to define their behavior. I live in France so that was my lunch, and those are potatoe waffles (sugar free 😀 ). I was surprised myself when I first saw them.

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