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December 18th, 2010 12:21 pm

As usual, I’m working in Java, and I make everything from scratch. I decided to go with a purely billboarded sprite based 3d engine this time, and I’m making some kind of dungeon crawler a la Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder. I’ve got much of the engine implemented, and it’s about time to start working on the actual game now.

The plan is to build game areas, and add the required game features as I go along, so I won’t implement monsters until the map actually requires monsters.

Click here to try the latest version. Use WASD + Q +E. There’s not much gameplay yet.

I’m also streaming the entire thing live here. There’s no sound because I have a cold, but there is soothing music.

5 Responses to “Here, try this!”

  1. madk says:

    It looks awesome! I really like the flowers.

    Also, it’d be really nice to have some way to look around with the mouse as well as Q and E. It’s hard ot get used to.

  2. Gutter says:

    That layering looks like some old SEGA Arcade game. Thats a *good* thing.

  3. superflat says:

    I can’t believe no-one came up with this solution back in the day. Maybe it would have been too much overdraw in the Amiga era. Anyway, it looks wonderful!

    I’m so excited about this project, as I have a special love of the games you mentioned. It actually kinda reminds me of Captive by Tony Crowther, the overworld before you entered the bases.

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