I actually do have a bunch of ideas, I just don’t like any of them enough yet!

Here is some of my brainstorming, in case anyone would like some.

Plus a bunch of TV programs. Also, apparently just about every music album ever made.

Yes, all my ideas do come from Google Images and Wikipedia, why do you ask :'(


3 Responses to “Someone definitely has to work the space shuttle in there somehow”

  1. aus_mike says:

    A game about all the things called ‘discovery’
    You start by turning on the vacuum cleaner, then get on the horse, ride it to the car, drive it to the space shuttle, go into space.

  2. droqen says:

    Discovery, or Very Disco? I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

    (Great list, by the way.)

  3. AD-Edge says:

    Check out my posts, you no longer have to cry! Im working on a space shuttle discovery game for the contest right now. Ive seen a couple of others as well.


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