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    Ludum Dare 19 has begun!

    Posted by (twitter: @ludumdare)
    December 17th, 2010 7:02 pm

    The theme: Discovery

    Check out the results of the voting here. Check out the keynote here. If you’re making a timelapse video, check out this guide for some suggestions that’ll make it better for us to use at… well… cool real world events that may happen.

    And if you haven’t already, check out the Rules and Guide page to learn more.

    Interesting Tags: montage, motivation, foodphoto, deskphoto (or desk), timelapse

    18 Responses to “Ludum Dare 19 has begun!”

    1. Martoon says:

      Wait, I thought the theme was “internal server error”. Now it’s changed to “Discovery”?

    2. r4m0n says:

      Damn, I had a great idea with some friends for the theme Containment… Well, some other time then… Time to create a game plan :-)

    3. Chaoseed says:

      …”Discovery”? Seriously? You guys couldn’t make it any more vague or all-encompassing? I mean, making a game that’s NOT about discovery, THAT would be a real challenge…

    4. PurpleChair says:

      Discovery? BLEEURGGHHHH!!!!!!

    5. guitarman4545 says:

      Ive only participated in one competion before this, Yoyogames Comp06. The theme was Discovery. I was looking forward to something….. different! :/

    6. demonpants says:

      ZOMG discovery is pretty cool but I doubt I will have time while visiting my wife’s family. :-)

    7. Cosine says:

      I don’t like this theme, because I already did a contest with the same theme. Namely, the one guitarman4545 pointed out. It’s really not that great. I don’t foresee anything innovative coming out of this one. C’mon people, prove me wrong!

    8. Sakar says:

      Welp, I won’t be doing anything particularly innovative with this theme, but my game should be at least…interesting.

    9. Discovery is a wonderful theme! Get creative, people! Imagine a game that starts with a treasure map. Or the unknown of darkness, fog or a mystery. Imagine a ship, or a cave, or a castle, or a puzzle. Search for treasure, knowledge or magic. Discover the game developer inside of you, stop complaining about the theme, and use your imagination! You may just discover a fantastic game hiding in there.

    10. dmennenoh says:

      Iron Chef has had battle broccoli, battle asparagus, etc… battle onions is only a matter of time. And why not…

      PS – What does Ludum mean? I tried looking in a latin dictionary and found ludus means school – or game… but couldn’t find anything much on Ludum.

    11. [...] Ludum Dare 19 began. I was working that day (well, night actually), and on the office I couldn’t think of any [...]

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