First compo, first idea, first screenshot

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December 17th, 2010 9:25 pm

Hello mates !

To tell the truth I don’t like this theme. Also, this is my first attempt to any game making’s jam. I hope I’ll find a way to make my game :)

I have plenty of food, coke and coffee. So I’m ready. Here’s my idea :

I’m taking the word ‘Discovery’ as what happen when you Explore & Stuff. So it will be a Space RTS gameplay where at start you control a “home world planet” bound to a sun with (fake) gravity – I sucks at physics things. On the journey, you’ll have fight in space battles against (scary?) aliens. Your goal is to expand, control the solar system(s) and eliminate all the aliens…

Rotating planets :

By the way, the game is in Python2.6, using pygame (SDL) and pycairo (Cairo) library. Currently on GNU/Linux, I hope Windows version will be fine.

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  1. Jacob says:

    Nice choice of idea and tech. Looking forward to see what it ends up as!

    f = ma
    f = (G*M*m) / (r*r)

    Go to town :)

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