And so I’m back

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December 17th, 2010 9:40 pm

with my ridiculous game ideas! 😉

Anyway, this ludum dare, I will be participating in the actual compo. Crazy, isn’t it? I’m going to be working on getting MVC, time-based game loops, and good coding practice this time.

Since the theme is discovery, a giant wave of creative ideas came in my head. It all came down to this:

There is a scientist who creates a robot as his explorer basically. And he gets sent to Earth to search for signs of previous life (this is post-nuclear Earth btw, just because…) You then explore caves and find stuff. For example a cell phone would give the message “you found some sort of communication device!” etc.

Here is my sprite for the robot. (coloring will be put in when I after I make the walking animation):

Please tell me what you think in a comment. :)


5 Responses to “And so I’m back”

  1. TheLolrus says:

    Thanks! :3

  2. Amused says:

    Sounds cool so far. The robot is indeed cute :)

  3. Looks a tiny bit like a skeleton as well.
    Hmm.. wonder what a robo-skeleton would look like?

  4. Jacob says:

    Good coding practice!?

    Don’t do it!

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