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    Screen Cast

    Posted by
    December 16th, 2010 2:51 pm

    I’m using Ubuntu, and I’d like to try and record the development of my entry as a video, but I’m finding it difficult to find a program to do it.

    It looks like XVidCap is the best thing available, but it crashes a lot. I want something that will work without using lots of resources, but I’m not gonna pay for it.

    Anyone have any suggestions what I should use?

    5 Responses to “Screen Cast”

    1. Draknek says:

      Short answer: while true; do scrot & sleep 60; done then use mencoder to turn it into a video.

      Long answer: http://www.draknek.org/misc/timelapse is a shell script that will record a timelapse.

      Those are approximately the same length…

    2. plams says:

      It’s Linux, baby! All the tools are there for you, if you know how to use them :-) I’m rolling my own — here my main script is in its current state: http://veralin.dk/ld19/lapse

      It takes screenshots at a specified interval, and outputs a list of screenshots which mencoder in turn can compile a video from, e.g. like this:

      $ mencoder mf://@list.txt -mf w=1920:h=1080:fps=25:type=png -ovc lavc -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:mbd=2:trell -oac copy -o output.avi

      It’s not a one-click easy timelapse video generator wizard gizmo, but if you’re not too afraid of the command-line you might find it useful.

    3. plams says:

      Dang, beaten! Hello, fellow shell scripter :-)

    4. barigorokarl says:

      I suggest trying vlc, if you want to record the whole event, you can stream into a file – I tested with vlc earlier to stream into justin.tv and I saw that option. The justin streaming didn’t use much cpu and I have a slightly older core2 duo machine.
      Chronolapse works also with wine for me under fedora.

    5. RandomM00 says:

      Hadn’t thought of using lots of stills, I was thinking about speeding up video. Stills are much better, thanks! I expect I’ll write my own aswell, I want to crop the area with Image Magic.

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