I think I’ve decided what to do

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December 16th, 2010 10:39 pm

I want to make a first person dungeon crawler a la Eye of the Beholder. Of course, having said that, I’ve jinxed any chances of a suitable theme winning. Making an interesting tile based first person game about evolution might be an interesting challenge..

tl;dr: vote elements!

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  1. Billy Wenge-Murphy says:

    Haven’t you attempted that numerous times before?

    That’s right, I’ve seen your site even before you were “The Minecraft guy”* I KNOW YOUR SECRETS

    (*rather you were the “Infinite Mario Bros.” guy 😉 )

    • Notch says:

      Yep, and never finished one. This is my chance!

      • GreaseMonkey says:

        TBQH this probably calls for some good ol’ software rendering…

        v{x|y} = ray velocity for the {x|y} direction, calculated by a {sin|cos}*screen_width/2 + {cos|-sin}*screen_x (screen_x = 0 is in the centre of the screen)
        g{x|y} = direction we’re going in for the {x|y} direction (-1 or 1)
        av{x|y} = abs(v{x|y})

        cs = cell size (personally I use 256 but if you’re using floats then 1.0 should do)
        cx,cy = current cell we’re in
        d{x|y} = distance to {x|y} wall
        d(istance) = t(ime) * v(elocity) so t(ime) = d(istance) / v(elocity)
        in this case we use av{x|y}, so
        t{x|y} = d{x|y} / av{x|y}
        t = total time elapsed

        if tx == 0 or (ty != 0 and tx < ty) then we hit the x wall first, else we hit the y wall first.
        We can compare that as dx*avy < dy*avx.

        To avoid having to correct fisheye, for hitting the x wall we use tx instead of dx:
        t += cs*tx (t += (cs*dx)/vx)
        dy -= vy*tx (t += (vy*dx)/vx)
        cx += gx
        dx = cs

        The column height is (screen_width*cs)/t.

        Of course you probably knew all that. If I'm wrong about that, then feel free to use what you didn't know already :)

        If you do the REALLY classic "3D maze" ( as in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrmX-IJKPDo ), that would be hillarious.

  2. aus_mike says:

    Have you made anything for ludam dare other than meta-gun that we can see/play?

  3. dock says:

    About time you finished one! 😀
    I think it’s a solid genre to work around, good luck!

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