I might make a game this time

Posted by (twitter: @asiekierka)
December 15th, 2010 9:54 am

I might make a VIDEO game this time. And finish it, ooh.

– cc65 (coding)
– Notepad (artwork)

Game will run on any platform cc65 compiles to, I think: Commodore PET/16/64/128/Plus4, Atari 400/800, Apple II/IIe.

I only promise C64/C128, though.

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  1. MrDude says:

    Aww… Do you ever develop for, y’know *modern* machines? 😉

  2. Lol. You’ll be able to play your own game and tell everyone it rules. I’m sure nobody will be able to deny that…

    Or can we run it using an emulator? If you suggest one for OS X I’ll play your game!

    • asiekierka says:

      You can use an emulator, one will be included online (JSC64, C64 for JavaScript). For Windows/Linux/OSX, i recommend VICE. It’s a huge emulator (for all COmmodore systems), but it rules.

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