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December 15th, 2010 10:34 am

[Hey folks. Here is a copy paste of my last “declaration of intent” post, because I would have written the exact same information. Except that my Friday night is free, and that I have a flatmates party on Saturday. Oh and I dist-upgraded Ubuntu since then.]

So the “Hello”-posts season has started. I won’t be very original, I always use the same things:

  • Code in Lua using my personal lib evöL. There are lots of new additions in the dev version that you can get by typing “bzr branch lp:evol2d” in the closest terminal. evöL runs on GNU/Linux, Windows and now Dingux (Linux for the Dingoo handheld device). It should compile fine on Mac OS X and *BSD, but I’m unable to cross-compile for these. Depending on my mood, I might make a Dingoo game (understand “low-res, limited input”), which by the wonders of portability, will run on PC OSes as well (with keyboard or gamepad). Oh and it’s binary compatible with the Ben Nanonote, if anyone of you has one.
  • Alternatively, I might give a try to my previous experiment, of a text based networked platform where all code is on the server, and the client is only a terminal that relays input and displays output. That’s in Lua too.
  • Compy is an EeePC 901 running Ubuntu 10.04, and the language is interpreted, so that limits seriously performance, although last time I managed to make a full 3D game entirely in Lua. If Dingoo there is, it’s even more limited (heh, no FPU!) But that’s good. Games shouldn’t need supercomputers to run on.
  • Text editor is Geany.
  • Graphics will probably be with Inkscape and GIMP. I do have a camera but no scanner. If graphics there are.
  • Sound: the usual Audacity and/or sfxr for sound, LMMS for music.

Now I happen to have my housewarming party on Friday night, and a birthday on Saturday. I may or may not be able to participate at all. I may as well have to drop to the Jam, even if my goal is really the compo. I managed the top 20 last time, which is extremely exhilarating. I wonder if I can top that.

I should also warn that I always make many motivational posters, and that they suck like you can’t imagine.

Now have fun people. See you on Saturday.

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