Basecode/lib: evöL 2.0-rc1

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December 15th, 2010 4:09 pm

Fellow LDers, as required by the rules, here is my basecode, that I pretentiously call a library. It was available before in the bzr repository on Launchpad, but I made a release (or rather release candidate) in case anyone is interested.

evöL page on Launchpad or directly source tarball.

evöL is a multimedia library in Lua, based on SDL, aimed at fast game prototyping. It provides keyboard/mouse input, image loading/editing/blitting, font rendering, graphic primitives, sound/music playing, OpenGL context creation (to use with an external GL lib), and terminal simulation (curses like). Supported platforms are GNU/Linux, Windows and Dingux (Dingoo Linux), but it should be portable.

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