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December 14th, 2010 12:10 am

Finished LD14, started LD18 but didn’t finish, had work on that weekend.

This weekend is looking clear, except maybe a few breaks for Christmas shopping. I’ve been getting into Processing, so I’ll probably try using it this time. It’s super-quick to get things up and running so I find it very motivating. And it’s suitable for my new netbook, serious 3D seems to be out of the question.

Tools may include, sfxr, musagi, and anything else I need.

It’s been a fairly shitty year of professional game development for me, just need a politics-free creative weekend to get the love back.

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  1. badlydrawnrod says:

    Processing is great for this sort of activity. In some ways it’s the framework that I always wished that I’d written but never quite got around to.

    Good luck with your entry.

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