Third time’s the charm

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December 8th, 2010 8:02 am

After LD15 and LD17, LD19 is gonna be my 3rd participation to the great LD event (although not on purpose, the pattern seems to emerge).

Also, for the first time, I’m gonna roll with a fully open-source setup (Ubuntu YAY!) on my netbook.


  • AS3 Flash via Flixel
  • GIMP +┬áInkscape
  • sfxr + Musagi (if I manage to get it working)

I tend to focus on building original and complicated systems, not having time to finish the content and tune the overall gameplay experience. So there go three small private pledges for LD19:

  • select just 1 iteresting gameplay mechanic (forget the complex system)
  • prepare mockups, scrutinize the rules BEFORE coding anything
  • make use of the sandbox gameplay or procedurally generated content (you won’t have time nor energy to handcraft levels at the later stages of development)

See you all there!

2 Responses to “Third time’s the charm”

  1. brandoncash says:

    If you plan on using as3sfxr to play the sounds (rather than making them .mp3s), I would strongly suggest getting that to work before the compo begins. It’s not terribly difficult, but best to save yourself some time now.

    I think your pledges will help you get a better game overall, too. It’s the simplest things that people love the most!

  2. jarnik says:

    So far I’ve been using embedded .mp3s, but as3sfxr API seems like a nice idea, I’ll have a look at it beforehand.
    Thanks for a tip!

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