Maybe I will enter

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December 8th, 2010 11:12 pm

I wasn’t planning on entering this time, but I was recently made unemployed. I have been talking with another company about getting a new job so if that interferes with LD then I probably won’t enter, otherwise I will definitely enter.

Anyway, if I do enter I might go in the Jam and make a prototype for a game idea I had recently (an RTS, but in space!) or maybe something involving hats. Regardless, I will be using C++ with the same custom library that I used for LD18. I might make some modifications to it to add some more stuff like collision detection that I had to write during LD18 and make sound work on Linux.

Tools I will be using:

  • HydraIRC for IRC.
  • C++ compiler from Visual Studio 2008 (text editor for code and makefiles for compiling)
  • Paint.NET for graphics. I will make better graphics than last time, I promise! I was really disappointed with how bad the graphics were, and some comments indicated that they actually affected the gameplay, so I will do better this time.
  • Blender if I do any 3D stuff, although I haven’t done 3D in LD before.
  • sfxr and maybe Audacity for sound.

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