LD number just-one-above-eighteen…

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December 7th, 2010 11:02 am

…HERE I COME. So original.

Following my success in MLD#22 (yah), I shall be going for LD#19. The time is (as for many) just right – end of the year, no stuff to do…

Also, let’s keep up this random tradition of saying what tools shall who-ever use, shall I?

  • CODE – AS3.0 – Flash CS5
  • GRAPHICS – Vector – Flash CS5
  • GRAPHICS – Bitmap (maybe) – Photoshop CS5
  • SOUND – … digital? – sfxr / as3sfxr / MICROPHONE (yeah, I am a beatboxe… oh whatever)
  • MUSIC – ambient – Logic Studio 9 (if I will have enough time for that)
  • IDEAS – neural – mHEADmod3.599 (meannetSim)
  • NOTES – verbal – Text Edit 9.5321.12348g (MOST RECENT)
  • COMPUTER – good – iMac
  • okay, i will stop

Timelapse is coming, but I wonder if I will continue using that lame Gawker… It crashed trice the last time, so I lost like an hour or more of material… I HAVE iShowU but I can not find any way to make it record time lapsing… Ideas?

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  1. Mirroar says:

    Actually, since you’re on a mac, you could just do something more or less simple for a timelapse –
    Create a shell script with content similar to the following:

    i=1;while [ 1 ];do screencapture -t jpg -x ~/Documents/timelapse/$i.jpg; let i++;sleep 5; done

    If you run this, it will take a screenshot every 5 seconds and save it to ~/Documents/timelapse, with the screenshots being named 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc. This script is highly unlikely to crash, it just uses Mac OSX’s built in screencap feature.

    After you’re done with the compo, you just load up all the screenshots in a decent video editing software, like Adobe Premiere or Quicktime Pro, and make a timelapse video from it.
    The process is described in more detail here: http://www.mactricksandtips.com/2009/12/take-timed-lapsed-screen-shots-from-terminal.html

  2. Aurel300 says:

    Hey cool did not know about the “screencapture” feature… I wonder if I could pipe this to a video muxxer or something… Thanks anyway.

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