MiniLD #22 – GunDuck Force IV

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November 26th, 2010 2:52 pm

There was a “R-Type contest” last year at a SDL tutorial site (eventually cancelled), and I contemplated writing something. I didn’t do much (a scrolling background and a movable “ship”), though that test app recently helped me test a lot of scrolling-related issues (vertical sync, crt vs. flat displays smoothness, opengl vs. software rendering in the galaxy of GNU/Linux possible configurations, etc.).


My goal for this week-end is to produce at least one playable and FUN level.

The title is a tribute to a well known side-scrolling shooter from the Genesis/Megadrive era (as for ducks, I’ve been crossing a few of them for the past few months, I can’t explain :p).

Over last week I experimented with fixed logic framerate and independent graphic framerate, as described at and in the Fixed Rate Pig demo (olofson: cheers! – and please name your variables better ;)). This is my starting point, written in Pygame. During the week-end I’ll try to focus on the game itself rather than toying with programming concepts.

Being in the European timezone, I’ll start this MiniLD the best way ever: by having some mind-refreshing sleep :)

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