The October Challenge Ends

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November 4th, 2010 12:00 am

So wow, what a month! Thanks to everyone that stepped up to my crazy challenge. The list of 24 finished games can be seen here, many of which have already made their first sale!! Awesome! You rock, all of you!

Now (like me), if you poorly scheduled your time and scope, or just had too many things come up, I hope you still made the most of it. Despite not finishing, I have a working (though crude) level editor, and a well thought out plan for what comes next. I’m sure many of you are even further along than that. Perhaps you decided to hold the game back due to quality concerns?

For all of you, I’ve opened up a participants list.


Everyone that didn’t finish their game, please go and add an entry to the Incomplete Games list. Talk about the game, add pictures, and links to any postmortem or further development places (your blog, a website, etc). I’m sure many of us are thinking about personally extending this in to a “November” or “December” challenge. Here’s a great chance to say “I was here, and now I’m there”.

Plus, I’m sure we all want to know how many people actually attempted it. :)

And when you do finish, let us know! As always, the blog is open to everyone to keep us informed of the latest news on the games you made. Don’t be shy! If you win the IGF or get a slot at PAX, SOWN, or any other gaming exhibit, we’d love to hear about it! Heck, we want to brag about it too. 😉

Will this become an annual event?

Lets put it this way: We know a good idea when we see one. 😉

What’s next?

Coming up this month is MiniLD #22. Stay tuned for details on that.

Then coming up December 17-20th weekend is Ludum Dare 19! This will be another Compo+Jam event, so see the rules. You can suggest themes on the wiki. I’ll get the clock going soon.

Finally, if you’re planning to attend the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco next year (Feb-March), or simply are a resident, stay tuned! We’ll be posting the details on our 2011 Ludum Dare meetup soon! Phil and I will be there, and many other awesome people.

Again, thanks everyone for making this special October event such a success.

9 Responses to “The October Challenge Ends”

  1. yay, thanks for hosting this, it was super fun and now I can finally call myself a proffessional! I’m already looking forward to next year’s one 😀

  2. MrPhil says:

    Thanks for the Challenge. It really motivated me and I got a lot done! My game is still very rough, but I’m moving to the “November Challenge” to polish it up! You can play a secret web version of the game here:

  3. PoV, you rock our collective worlds. THANKS so much for being a source of great inspiration. The October challenge is the greatest thing to happen to new indie game devs in a long time. Due to lots of paid work (which is a good thing), I did not get near to finishing, but I followed along with everyone’s posts and was absolutely blown away by some people’s entries. Can’t wait to try again every year.

  4. bear says:

    I had a great time this month! The challenge gave to something to do, other than doing the usually browse the web. I may not of finished in time, but practice make perfect.

  5. mattivc says:

    Didn’t even come close to finishing, but i will give it another go next year, and have more free time then.

  6. Olofson says:

    Thanks for this challenge! It got me out of “waiting for the right moment” mode, and the result so far is one OpenGL binding for my scripting language EEL, one ZeeSpace 2.5D rendering engine brought back to life, also wired to EEL, and one half-finished modular audio engine/framework. Oh, and I can fly around with nice feeling physics and fire two different weapons at nice looking terrain. :-)

    Now, being in the middle of starting a business, I’ve lost at least a week to paperwork, planning, web site building and whatnot. However, I can conclude that had I actually spent the time I originally intended on Kobo II, I could very well have released the playable alpha as planned!

    Before considering this challenge, I actually thought of this game as one of those “big” projects to do later, when my “in-house tech” is up to it and all that – but now it’s probably going to be my first commercial release!

    Anyway, I’ve now switched to “do things carefully and properly” mode, aiming at opening up the pre-purchase alpha later – before the end of November, if the paperwork is in order by then. By then, I hope to have a few enemies in, some sound effects and maybe the beginnings of a soundtrack.

  7. blackbird04217 says:

    I’m a fulltime programmer, day and night it’s what I do. I am sure many out there are the same way. But the October challenge for me was the push I needed to commit myself to actually trying to sell my own project. I knew going into the challenge that I was not going to be complete in October, my sights were aimed on December. I’ve still fallen behind more than I’d have liked, but for starters, what game gets completed without missing a single deadline? And secondly, I can’t control how busy my life gets, so I had a serious lack of free time.

    In the end the thing that matters most is I am committed to this project. Which is something I can’t say about almost all previous ‘toys’ that I make. I will see this one until I ship it. Hopefully before the end of 2010, but definitely someday!

    Thanks for the push and I wish luck to all those in the same boat, while congratulating those that completed in October!! Way to go guys!

  8. badlydrawnrod says:

    This challenge inspired me to try to port an existing game to Android. I’ve fallen somewhat short in the time period, but I’m still cracking on when I can find the time and hope to be finished by the end of November.

    I have to say that I’m seriously impressed by some of the games that I’ve seen so far. I really don’t know where people find the time to do such good work.

    Congratulations to everyone who entered.

  9. Coal says:

    The timing for 19 couldn’t be much worse for me. My first exam is on December 16th, and my last is on the 20th. Oh well, maybe next time.

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