Fruits! released and submitted to Ludum dare

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October 29th, 2010 5:14 pm

Hey guys,

Fruits! is finally done and while it can still need further polish, I decided to submit this evening to Ludum dare.

Play it in your browser here: Fruits! web version

Thanks to the guys at Ludum dare for organizing all this, it’s been a great motivator for getting the game done.

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  1. pekuja says:

    Fun game. Very challenging though. My capacity for multitasking wasn’t enough to do perfect rounds in the end, but I did beat all levels. I think there’s a bug when the game ends. I’m left staring at the title screen graphics but I can’t do anything. Here’s a screenshot:
    The game could probably use some music. The visuals are nice though.

  2. MortenK says:

    Thanks for the feedback, and the heads up on the bug!

    We verified it and got it fixed. The versions on the website has now been updated (same links).

  3. Marza says:

    Hey! Your game is really fun, and challenging during the mid and later levels (by my opinion) :)
    Only thing I would suggest is a “Next Level”-button, so that you don’t have to return to the level select screen between every stage. Though I’m no expert and I’ve seen plenty of good games both with and without this :)

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