Distant Star: in beta

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October 24th, 2010 4:32 pm
I ♥ my testers

I ♥ my testers

Tonight, we celebrate — I’ve finished enough of Distant Star that I’m releasing a copy to my beta testers tonight. I spent most of the weekend putting the finishing touches on a *ton* of polish — the game now has attractive victory/defeat screens and a framework for tracking and reporting gameplay stats, plus a really useful report that you can access after each combat showing you how well your ships fared in battle.

“Beta test?” you ask.

But of course — my posts to a couple forums generated a little buzz, where a dozen or so happy iPad gamers took me up on my offer. They beta test the game and let me know what’s good/bad/broken before I release it to Apple; I send them free copies of the final version once it’s ready. A pretty sweet deal all around.

So, Ludum Dares (“Darers?”) — any iPad gamers among you care to lend me a hand with this thing? Information (plus more screenshots and updates) after the jump.

Another thing I’m super pleased with in Distant Star is the audio. I’ve put together a solid Creative Commons-licensed soundtrack; the title track is “Two Swords” by _ghost. There’s some truly amazing stuff over on ccMixter just begging to be dropped into games. Free culture FTW.

I think I won this one, wouldn't you say?

I think I won this one, wouldn't you say?


If you want to help me out with the beta, here’s the plan:

  • You send an email with your iPad’s UDID (Ad Hoc Helper is a useful utility for finding this, or you can get it from iTunes) to “doches@LEAVETHISPARTOUT.gmail.com”.
  • I send you back a copy of the game that you can install and play.
  • You play it and send me your comments/criticisms/cool ideas.
  • I finish the game, submit it with your name in the credits, and send you a free copy to boot.

Let me know if you’re interested.


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  1. JaydenB says:

    I really want to try this, but only problem is I don’t have an iPad, keep up the good work though!

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