Distant Star: The Home Stretch

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October 20th, 2010 4:59 pm

Things are really cranking along now, which is good, because October’s almost over and my first-release deadline is almost here. I spent a good chunk of yesterday and today finishing up one of my last pre-release milestones, and as a result Distant Star now sports a functional, if somewhat limited, save slot system. You can access it via the in-game menu, which is another of those functional-but-terrifically-ugly systems (“Save!” “Load!” “Quit!”).

There aren't a lot of options just yet, but...

There aren't a lot of options just yet, but...

As part of the save/load system I also added a new game setup screen, where you can customize the game before starting. Right now it’s rather limited — there aren’t a lot of interesting customizations yet, ‘mfraid — but the interface is all there; it works and it looks pretty good.

Tomorrow and Friday I’m going to nail down the AI, and if I’m happy with the state of things I’m going to start passing the game out to beta testers over the weekend. Huzzah!

More screenshots after the jump:

The map. Yep, it's a map.

The map. Yep, it's a map.


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  1. Looks freaking awesome. I love turn based strategy games. To me this looks like a graphical version of the BBS era text based online game, Tradewars. One of my all time faves. This is one game I can’t wait to try.

  2. phidinh6 says:

    Well done dude. I’m well jealous, you’re actually going to finish this.
    I’ll be refreshing the App Store all day once you’ve submitted it, instant-buy.
    Can’t wait!

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