Space Octopus Mono for Windows Phone 7

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October 19th, 2010 12:30 am

Space Octopus Mono iconOn the 9th of September, I decided that I was going to complete a game in time for the Windows Phone 7 launch. That was goal number one. I knew I didn’t have long, so I picked the most complete game from my portfolio to start from and began porting it to C#.

I had already started when PoV issued the October Challenge, but his second post said that the game can be something you’re already working on. OK, count me in.

So I added goal two: Sell a copy before the end of the October. This is quite different from my original goal. In fact, the last time I tried to make a commercial game, I “finished” it but never sold a copy…


Space Octopus Mono

I don’t have a Windows Phone, and couldn’t get hold of one. Someone at Microsoft offered to let me test on his pre-release device, so I took an afternoon off work to visit the local Microsoft office and see if my game actually worked.

It did! But my control scheme, which seemed so sensible with a mouse, was terrible on a touch screen. Oops.

Next week I went back again with the second draft control scheme. It was slightly better. I never got back to test the third revision… it’s interesting developing for a device that hasn’t been released.


Space Octopus Mono

I applied for early marketplace access and submitted as soon as I got it, on October 11th. I spent just over a month on the game, working every weekend and an increasing number of weekday evenings towards the end.

The game has now been approved. It will be in the marketplace on launch day – I have already met my original goal.

But to complete PoV’s challenge, it has to be good enough that someone will buy it. That’s where I would like your help.


Space Octopus Mono

You probably don’t have a Windows Phone 7 phone, but I really want your feedback on this game. So I’ve hastily made it run on Windows, and you can get it here:
(6 MB, Windows, requires the .NET framework)

Before now, I had no easy way of showing people the game – it’s had almost no user testing. So I don’t know what’s good or bad and what I need to improve.

I had to cut a lot of features to get SOM submitted on time, including some of what I thought would be the key reasons to buy it. I won’t tell you what they were, because I don’t want to color your feedback – but please tell me what you think. Give me some hints, and I’ll try to make an update that will get that first sale.

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  1. PoV says:

    Congratz dude. I haven’t checked out the game yet, but I found you in the Zune store. :)

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