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October 11th, 2010 11:24 pm

Hi, I’ve been working on music lately. Practicing the keyboard, going through lessons with Cubase, playing with tons of instruments. Trying to learn how to score a video game.

Anyway, if anyone wants a song for their October Challenge game, I’ll be happy to do so at no cost. Credit in the game will be sufficient. You only have to use it if you like it.

I’d like to play the game or at least know as much about it as possible, including your thoughts on what kind of musical score you expect the game to have. I can do chip tunes, dramatic film scores, whatever fits the game.

Here is a sample of something I just finished. It is my rendition of the Ultima Wanderer song (from Ultima 3).
Ultima Wanderer MP3

If interested, let me know on this thread. Thanks.

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  1. Razorb says:

    nice catchy tune :) and nice offer too!

  2. maraoz says:

    Great offer! I think I’ll take it. I’m working on an action/skill game for iOS.
    I’ll contact you when my game is in a more advanced state (and when I post about it here)


  3. Hey if you’re still offering to make songs I could use one for Contrasaurus.

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