Progress report on GROUNDED

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September 25th, 2010 11:48 pm

In this game, lil’ boy need to avoid getting GROUNDED and escape the supermarket where he’s injustly blamed for some mischief, avoiding the guardians in a MetalGear (’87) – style sneaky way.


14h spent so far, mainly on programming. I’m using Pygame (programming), Gimp (graphics), SFRX, Audacity (sfx), ZynAddSubFX (virtual keyboard).  The OS is GNU/Linux.

Trying to get with something playable for the miniLD over the standard 48h week-end delay – but I couldn’t turn down an invitation on saturday night 😉

So far I have a basic scale2x top-view with scrolling (fixed-rated logic&render), tiled background, moving sprites, turbo-mode (FPS*3), the very beginning of a built-in background editor, and code is still maintainable 😉 Also there’s a psychedelic “drunk-mode” effect (drink to build-up courage, but lose your balance!).

I had spent a few days on learning Blender recently but for now I’ll still have to make do with my limited Gimp skills.

Capture-pygame window

Oh, and I have some recorded screams for lil’ brothers from years ago. That breaks the “no prior art” rule but that complies with the “collaborate with a n00b” one 😛

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  1. Beuc says:

    It’s getting much too late, and much too boring sadly, to get anything playable (i.e. fun for the player), so I’ll stop here :/
    I guess I aimed at something too complicated.

    There’s still the current progress and a timelapse :)

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