My Mini-LD Game – Super Lancer

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September 25th, 2010 1:39 pm

It’s a little late into the Mini-LD proper, but I’ve decided to post this.

After narrowing things down a bit, I’ve decided on a concept for my Mini-LD game.

I’m going to make an arena shooter structured a bit like Geometry Wars. It will use a similar abstract vector style (Though things will look fairly different).

Instead of leveling up and improving skills continuously, the player will play through a series of levels and buy weapons between them. Each weapon will be upgradeable, and the player will be able to equip a limited number of them at any given time. There will also be miscellaneous pieces of equipment that the player will be able to use.

Levels will be procedurally generated, and baddies will come in waves. Each wave will be generated with a different kind of arrangement, such as a wave with alternating types of baddies along the edges, or a ring of one kind of baddie in the center.

There will also be a boss at the end of each level. The boss will be chosen from a give set and given a handful of randomly-chosen weapons.

I will be writing in haXe and using Sam HaXe to process SVG images. I will make my graphics in Inkscape, my sounds in sfxr, and music in LMMS.

As I’ve said/bragged before, the time limit is out the window. Absolutely out the window.

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