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PoV’s Challenge: Make a game, sell 1 copy

Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
September 22nd, 2010 5:39 pm

I’m in a weird mood today, so I decided to put forth a challenge to members of our #ludumdare IRC channel. Feel free to join us. The challenge is simple:

Make a game — take it to market — sell 1 copy (or license it, or earn $1 in ad rev)

Many of you have done the first part, but let’s go all the way this time. The simplest definition of a professional game developer is someone that has made money developing games. So lets create-us some new “professionals” and get some games out!

Think of this as a race (or a Nanowrimo for games+business). Have something new for sale and in a store by the end of October. And if you can sell a copy (or sign a licensing deal, or earn $1 in ad revenue), you win.

October ends [fergcorp_cdt_single date="23:59 October 31, 2010"]
NOTE: Start anytime! The clock is ticking! If you’re blogging here, use the “PC #01” Category. I’ll give it a better name later. Come October, the Challenge takes over

Take a compo game and polish it up, something you’re working on now, or start something new. Bottom line, finally make good on that goal to start selling games. Lets do this!

Discuss in the comments, or hit the jump for some store and market suggestions.

* * *

Open Markets

There’s no restriction where or how you should to sell it, but App Stores are pretty popular streamlined ways to sell games today. There’s often some paperwork that needs to be filled out and mailed before you can sell, so I strongly suggest you do that ASAP.

Apple iOS [iPhone, iPod touch, iPad] (Obj C, C/C++, OpenGL ES) – $99 year fee
Google Android (Java, C/C++, OpenGL ES) – $25 one-time fee
Palm WebOS (C/C++, SDL and OpenGL ES, or HTML 5) – Free (Paypal payout)

Intel AppUp [Windows and MeeGo (Linux) Netbooks] – CONTESTFree (Paypal payout)

Flash and Web
Flash Game License (Licensors Marketplace) – Free (FGL takes a 10% cut)

Xbox Live Indie Games$99 year fee

* * *

Pitch Markets

Some marketplaces require you to pitch and get your game approved before it hits the market. Those are included below.

Big Fish Games

* * *


For completion, a list of general indie game contests with money prizes.

Independent Games Festival – Due October 18th – $99 Fee
Indie Game Challenge ($100k top prize) – Due October 1st – $100 Fee

* * *

Payment Services

Perhaps you’d rather sell direct from your website? Here are some tools for that.

BMT Micro (credit card, cheque, and more)
Plimus (discussion)
Google Checkout

If you have anything to add, post them in the comments.

83 Responses to “PoV’s Challenge: Make a game, sell 1 copy”

  1. Uhfgood says:

    Okay I might be back in as I’ve found a project that actually looks doable. Although the results of the game may not look much better than my minimalist (LD11?) entry. In fact the game comes from the same idea really. But with some added variation.

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  15. zigojacko says:

    what a fun contest and a great selection of sites and tools to help get everyone started :) will be checking back to see progress/updates of this – heh

  16. Enders says:

    Mission Complete :P

    Okay we released a game to the Android Market and made our money back ($25 Registration Fee) and a $1.

    Sigmore Mines 2 is what it is called. It is a graphical roguelike game. Have fun. :)

  17. agame says:


    [...]Ludum Dare » Blog Archive » PoV’s Challenge: Make a game, sell 1 copy[...]…

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