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September 10th, 2010 6:50 pm

Here is a little program I’ve been playing around with (inspired by the theme Evolution, which didn’t make it again):

Random Art Evolver

This program generates random images based on a code (which is shown at the bottom) and mutates them. When you click on one of the images, you’ll see it in full size at the right and all images will start to evolve from that point on. If none of those get any better, you can restart the same code by clicking on the large image.

Once you have found an image you want to use for something, you could capture the screen and save it somewhere as a bitmap, but the idea is to simply save the code and use a function to generate the image at any time.

The library is for haXe, it generates a BitmapData from a given String. It shouldn’t be too hard to port it to as3 as well.


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4 Responses to “Random Art Evolver”

  1. blitzgren says:

    Pretty cool! I’ve seen this before, a bit more academic but more complex and will also whet your evolution algorithm appetite: http://picbreeder.org/

  2. Jonny D says:

    It goes a bit too fast, so I can’t grab the images I want at first. Then it begins to lag, presumably due to memory usage. Eventually, it locks up my browser… :(

    I like it, though.

    • stqn says:

      Hey, so that’s not just me :) … When I ran it (under Linux with the official flash plugin), it worked for a while, and then everything crashed badly. I had to shut my computer down and restart.

  3. Wiering says:

    Sorry about that, I accidentally used the standard player for testing instead of the debug player, I’ve fixed some things now so it should be a bit more stable.

    The speed depends on what numbers are in the code (and thus what kind of graphical operations are performed, some are slower than others) and of course the length of the code (change with + and -).

    Donny D: If you see something and click too late, you can press Shift+Backspace multiple (up to 100) times to get it back.

    blitzgren: Thanks for the link, didn’t know that one.

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