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Doooors: a post-compo version of my game

Posted by
September 3rd, 2010 5:31 am

So yeah, I finished a post-compo version of my jam thing. I’m quite happy with it, but beware, it’s really REALLY hard.



== CONTROLS == (These are explained in-game, too)
Arrow keys = move
S = jump and confirm
D = pick up and throw
D + Down = put down
D + up = throw upwards
R = restart
Esc = Quit
Note that the speed of thrown objects changes depending on your own momentum while throwing. That is, throwing stuff while walking makes them fly farther.

3 Responses to “Doooors: a post-compo version of my game”

  1. Danik says:

    Ingenious level design. :)

  2. snowyowl says:

    Any hints for level 6? :)

  3. snowyowl says:

    Also, bug report: doors can get crushed by those metal things that open when you press a button (I would like to call those metal things that open when you press a button doors, but that name is taken). If you then go through the corresponding door, you don’t come out.

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