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August 29th, 2010 3:44 am


So I finish!!!! Yeah, a little late, but I’m done.

I know it couldn’t compete in the jam, but following that ultramotivational posters, I know this must get done.

Cause I cant work the next 24 hours on the jam (monday agenda), I decide to pause my project and restart it the next weekend. So you can play AWARENESS here.

screenshot1awareness 2


The obvious subject I must talk is my entry delay. Since I didn’t design anything in the first 24 hours, this rans everything away; also I knew early that, surely, I couldn’t enter on the compo either the jam (cause I already had my Monday arranged). The only think I miss about not been applied were having a wide voting and people comments.

The theme was a little bit hard to take from frontside, and my newcomer nervousness hindered me to adopt any design idea. I must admit that this isn’t one of my best game ideas (I doubt the whole thing while coding) but if I want to finish this game, I must convince myself and trust the instinct.

I was distracted a lot, I went to the movies (to see predators), redrawing images 4 times, and spent hours on wikipedia ‘researching’… that adds presure when you don’t have your design ready.

The design results in simple ideas: a short game (less than 5 minutes to play), use simple mechanics appealing on player’s physical dexterity, and allow him to ‘play’ with fake physics. Aestheticaly I wanted that to make the player feels in control of the situation, even if he must react to the attacks; and provide an attractive challenge curve with little rewards. The theme and graphics were inspired by the course of the golden flower images.

Coding and drawing wasn’t a problem (even if they look messy). Besides an awful angle calculation issue, I feel confortable with flixel (it isn’t the 7th wonder, but helps you to work fast). I felt confortable with the tools. The pipeline was very straight when things were clear: idea + calculation + draw (x4) + code + recalculation + code + (doubt) + grapich retouch + audio + code glace; and lot of playtesting.

What do I learn and should do/avoid on next LD’s (and other projects):

– Finish what you start. Even if deadline is over, or the idea isn’t good enough for you damn perfectionist.

– I must practice rapid/random gamedesign.

– Avoid distractions, use them as a weapon to clear your mind and let him think alone.

Questions for you

Did you quit the compo, or didn’t finish on time? Why? Do you agree with my first conclusion? Sounds fair for you?

And did you play my game? What do you think about it?

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  1. stqn says:

    Not bad for a one button game :).

    Random thought:
    – I almost clicked on my browser’s back button before discovering that I had to press Return to start the game. Either write it on the title screen, or use Space to start the game!
    – The game desperately needs a few indicators: chi, score, progress.
    – I like that you can choose the moment you release the space bar in order to hit the enemies… But it doesn’t seem to affect the game.
    – I mostly agree with your conclusions 😉 In a 48 hours contest, I think it’s important to start quickly even with a not-so-good idea; it can still turn into something fun later.

    • dcth says:

      Thanks for the comments :)
      – I’ve already add instructions on the title screen.
      – About the indicators, I don’t think this is a game that needs a HUD… but Im still open to opinions.
      – About the spacebar-release mechanic, it supouse to work that way Hold it to activate the ‘forcefiled’ and release on time to attack yours enemies. Do you found something else?

      I’m waiting for the next LD to try something better, now with more confidence.

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