Ludum Dare 18 Press Coverage

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August 25th, 2010 9:43 pm, ByteJacker and more. Hit the jump to see what the rest of the internet thinks about how you spent your weekend.

What should already be your favorite indie game news site, is back with a look at some of the games from this past weekend.


ByteJacker is back with more Ludum Dare reviews. These guys rock!

IndiePlayer (DE)

I may not speak or read German, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about them in the past decade is that they love games, and they are totally awesome.

Oneshots (AKA: the Notch timelapse love list)

Yes, when your internet name is Notch and you make a smash hit called Minecraft, your buzz follows you everywhere you go. Thanks! 😀

Youtube (180,000+!!): (656):
Rock Paper Shotgun:…/person-shooter-metagun/
Gawker TV:…/heres-what-it-takes-to-program-a-computer-game
Kotaku (AU):…/minecraft-dev-make-entire-game-in-48/
Kotaku (JP):
Onipepper (DE):…/metagun-zeitraffer-ein-spiel-entsteht/
Figaro (FR):…/ecographie-dun-jeu-video-ludum.html


Youtube timelapse playlist from Uncommon Assembly
TIG Forums Thread

Find any other cool LD related links? Share them in the comments.

9 Responses to “Ludum Dare 18 Press Coverage”

  1. Codexus says:

    150k views, wtf? It’s like MJ is back from the dead and made a LD48 game!

  2. GBGames says:

    Wow, congrats on the coverage, everyone! You all rock this world hard!

  3. Danik says:

    I predict a big influx of Minecraft-fans the next LD. :)

    (Btw: The architector link points to the wrong page)

  4. PoV says:

    Added Engadget and Rock Paper Shotgun. Now all that’s left is coverage in non-gaming/gadget press. ‘cmon!

  5. moltanem2000 says:

    Aw sweet, got reviewed on bytejacker

  6. bearbruno says:

    there’s a german website reporting about some games from the contest:

  7. HybridMind says:

    haha weird that is my AVOIDAL timelapse on that last notch love list.. the blog. This timelapse thing just keeps spreading.. mind blowing really that it has never caught interest before at this level and now all the internets seem amazed that any programmer would screenshot their progress AND make a game in 48hrs. I guess we should have seen it coming. I know that my non-game / non-tech friends have always enjoyed watching the timelapses more than even playing the games as a way to try and understand the weird “magic” us game creators make.

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