First Post-competition Build

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August 25th, 2010 4:20 am

Hi folks- I’ve been refining my Ludum Dare 18 game since the competition ended, and I’m ready to release another build. This is still an early version. The game will see some major changes before it’s done. Changes in this build include:

  • lots of tuning
  • wider field of view
  • circular view
  • indicators which display the direction to castles
  • improved notification when our castle is attacked
  • improved animation for the tiny creatures (the ones that come out of the creature pumps)
  • pulsating bubbles
  • green enemy bubbles
  • carried castle pieces now form a train behind our character
  • transition animations for castle building


The next step is a major one- I’m going to alter the flow of the game so castle upgrades are rarer and more significant, and also focus on making sure there’s more of a swing between offense and defense. To accomplish this, I’m currently thinking I’ll add destructible protective walls around castles. These walls would bear the brunt of most attacks, protecting vulnerable turrets and other components. Walls could be repaired by expending resources, which would be collected during exploration. More builds soon!

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  1. Amazing work. I just love the “look” of the game. Walls would be fabulous.

  2. Sparky says:

    Walls are in! I’m making a few more changes, and I’ll upload a new build later today.

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