First LD Experience —> Undermine

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August 24th, 2010 2:24 pm

I created Undermine in 48 hours, and for 24 of those hours I was an hour and a half away from home, attending a wedding.

I really liked the experience Ludum Dare gave me, from the first moments of brainstorming while watching Robocop for the first time to a character with no attacks and enemies with abilities that could be activated by pressing buttons on their various sides… and then on a tangent to messing around with a slide ability (for the hell of it– it was fun!) to popping up under enemies. And then the SPACE INVADER.

Anyway: thinking of an idea, drawing on past concepts (I had a similar concept a long time ago, about a giant boss enemy flying around in the sky while you platform on the ground as it attacks you and you attempt to destroy it using occasional fixed rocket launcher emplacements), making graphics, making music, and making code all in the span of 24-48-ish hours is really amazing!

The limited time meant I knew I’d never have to worry about feature creep (at least not for this… cycle of development life) or ‘what if’ or procrastination because oh look there’s the deadline! Looming!

That said, while I got a lot of focus, I didn’t give up any regular habits: I still went to the wedding, I still had a regular amount of sleep (perhaps not a ‘good’ amount of sleep), and I still ate when I would have.


Anyway, I ended up with Undermine, a flash game that I am ultimately very proud of. It’s short and sweet and not without its imperfections but certainly to the point. It definitely isn’t for everyone– but then again, what ever is?

I’ve spent two months on a game, two weeks on a game, and now two days on a game; thanks for existing, Ludum Dare.

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  1. HybridMind says:

    How did you do the music filter effect on this game?

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