AVOIDAL – Post Compo Version!

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August 24th, 2010 5:32 pm

AVOIDAL – Post Compo Version!

AVOIDAL - Post Compo Version

I’ve made a bunch of improvements to AVOIDAL since the compo and I’d love your feedback!

Play the post compo version of AVOIDAL here

The LD48 official compo version for judging is here now

Changes to the new version:

  • Added 1 second of invulnerability if you take damage (this helps a ton!)
  • Rebalanced the difficulty curve to make it progress a tad slower
  • Mines spawn a tad further in from the edges to help player not get stuck on walls as much
  • Reworked How To Play screen to be simpler and clearer
  • Changed ‘Energy’ to ‘Health’ in UI
  • Fixed some sound volume and playing issues
  • Added a nice visual effect of little random twinkling stars in the background

I’m gonna keep listening for feedback and working on this game but I think it is pretty close to me calling it done at this point. Thanks for the great feedback I’ve gotten already to everyone who left me comments on my rating page.

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15 Responses to “AVOIDAL – Post Compo Version!”

  1. PsySal says:

    Great, I really like it. The game does a nice job of balancing “avoid” vs. “get near to”, really the blue and red stars are the core of the gameplay.

    I think what would keep me playing would be some sense of progression or development, maybe even just backgrounds (“stages”) or other types of enemies. But… that’s just me! (not usually motivated by score…)

    • HybridMind says:

      Thanks for the feedback PsySal! I’m pretty happy with that tension that you point out–it is one of my favorite aspects of playing this game. Now that I’ve stretched out the difficulty increase speed I feel like I can stay “in the zone” more as I swirl my robot around smashing my seeker followers into mines and looking for opportune spike alignments for big points! 😀

      I will put some more thought into interesting ways to increase the sense of progression or development as well–I do like those touches in other games. Perhaps I can make more fun and subtle things happen with the stars as you progress through difficulties.

      As for adding more enemies I am not sure. I know that with simple arcade games like this it becomes increasingly harder to introduce more elements without upsetting the magic going on already. I worry I might quickly overreach my current game design skills and ruin what is a pretty fun game so far. But–we must overcome our fears to grow right!? 😉 I will give this careful thought. I think I have a few basic ideas of some elements I could introduce here and there that would add and hopefully not clutter. Plus I can always get more feedback on my changes from fine folks like you out there too. 😀

      Thanks again for your time!

  2. Sparky says:

    This is fun :). I’m glad to see you taking the time to develop this further. Sorry I wasn’t on earlier today- I was playing Go with a friend. I’ll be around tomorrow, however. And you can always reach me via email: septagon at gmail dot com.

    • HybridMind says:

      Thanks! Glad you saw the new build Sparky. I definitely took some of your feedback to heart when I implemented this new version so I’m glad you had a chance to check it out. Thanks for your email address too! I’m hybridmindstudios at gmail.

  3. Eckolin says:

    The highscore pages are very slow for me.

    • HybridMind says:

      Yeah.. I’ve got a support ticket open with mochimedia because it is doing something bizarre.

      Hey I’m glad you posted here because I’ve been trying to get your secrets and feedback since you have like 28 million points on AVOIDAL. How!? 😀

      • Eckolin says:

        Dodge everything… 😉

        • HybridMind says:

          HAha.. I guess I should have seen that response coming. 😀 If you ever do playthrough videos I’d love to see it! Also if there I is any feedback you have coming from perspective of top player I’d welcome that. If not, that’s cool. A scoring mechanic change I am heavily considering is that your chain would only reset on damage — not also letting a mine explode.

          • Eckolin says:

            I see you also changed scoring. What happened to it?

            • HybridMind says:

              Two things that have changed with version 1.0.3 to test out:

              1) Chain ONLY resets when you take damage now. (It used to reset if you let a blue mine explode)

              This is being tried out as a change because it sort of sucked at later levels that the player would be penalized for doing what was usually an AMAZING dodge of the exploding mine tips only to have their chain reset. I and others felt it was worth trying that chain should reset only on the player taking damage. The chain resetting on mine explosion was sort of a bit of an artifact before I had the difficulty escalation system in so that the player would be encouraged to destroy mines in a timely fashion. I don’t believe it is needed any more (see point #2 below)

              2) Blue mines now have base points and bonus points. The bonus points tick down with the blue mine’s lifespan. This is to keep up the time pressure / provide the skill benefit for destroying mines quickly as possible. The faster the player destroys the mine the more points they will get. They will never get 0 points for destroying a mine though.

              I’m trying to gather feedback on how people find this working out now. I’d love your thoughts Eckolin!

              • Eckolin says:

                I like the changes.

              • HybridMind says:

                @Eckolin: Awesome–glad to hear it. I’ve been really enjoying playing this version too. Getting near to wrapping it up! Mochi support still hasn’t gotten back to me with any tips as to what is lagging the leaderboards though. It crashes my flash debug player from the IDE. Works online but lags like hell. I didn’t change anything is the weird thing it just stopped working far as I can tell.

  4. Eckolin says:

    One more thing… Clicking resume moves the robot to the center of the field, from wherever it was, which might be a dangerous path. Is this an unintended feature?

    • HybridMind says:

      The main problem is that in mouse skills games (even with mouse interpolation like I’m doing) it becomes far too easy for the player to game the system by toggling the pause screen, repositioning the mouse, and then unpausing. I’ve made the pause menu opaque but this then makes it tough not to hurt the player. I’ve been unable to figure out a non-exploitable pause menu option for avoider mouse games. :(

      Also… how on Earth did you score 934 million points? Please tell me you are playing and not cheating right? 😛

      The highscore tables have been reset because with version 1.0.7 and later there is now some adjustements to scoring going on. Primarily the chain (now called combo) is capped at 5x multiplier. I did add crazy mine streak bonuses though at 10,25,50,75,100,150,and 200 streak amounts. The multiplier cap was suggested as a way to make the scoring more lenient and the game less crushing when you lose a high multiplier and return all the way to 0. This way it is quicker to get back in the max points zone while I still reward skilled players with streak bonuses. I look forward to seeing what you can do with this version Eckolin. 😀

      • Eckolin says:

        Ooh, moving mines! Yes I’m playing and not cheating. In 1.0.5 it was easier to get high combo’s, so eventually I got like 10 million points per mine.

        For 1.0.7, my current streak record is 76. I’ll set a decent highscore when I have time.

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