It’s true, I do. I mean, I don’t hate it per se — It’s just that I’m really bad at it, and I hate doing things for which I know I have no skill. I like my games nice and easy, perhaps too easy, and my level design tends to reflect that preference rather strongly.


And so I present: Double Bounce, a content-driven puzzle-type game where each level (‘course’) generally takes no more than a handful of seconds to puzzle out.

Wait — but I wanted to avoid level design, right? Well, sure — but Double Bounce includes a reasonably easy-to-use editor, and makes it super easy to share your own creations. Editing a course? Click that ‘Upload’ button! Want to play something you didn’t make, but that’s harder than the usual fare I create? Download more courses.

It’s a button. Click it.

Oh yeah.

The world is full of crap. That's why we have n/5 stars reviews, right?

The world is full of crap. That's why we have n/5 stars reviews, right?

But the thing is, it’s so easy to publish courses that even I’m generating crap very nearly by accident. Crap I don’t want to play. “Boy, it sure would be helpful if someone would sort through these levels and tell me which ones are worth playing,” I thought to myself. “I guess I could do it.”

But we already established that I’m really bad at assessing levels! And so: after you complete a course in Double Bounce you can rate it /5 stars (you know the drill) and that rating will get averaged and aggregated on the download server. Pretty slick, though I’m clearly not going to have the time to iron out the kinks and weird bugs in my network code. Grr.

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