Killer Knife-Robots from Knife Planet K (finished!)

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August 22nd, 2010 7:00 pm

Ok, I think my entry is good enough to submit and there’s probably not enough time to make any last minute changes so here it is, the final version of “Killer Knife-Robots from Knife Planet K” (Windows version).

The game is fully playable and there is a high score as an attempt to add some replay value. Instructions and controls are in the Readme.txt file in the zip.

The development process went quite smoothly and there were no major bugs. I did make a whole bunch of little mistakes (especially at the end) but I was able to resolve them quickly. Also my collision detection codeĀ  was really slow, but I was able to speed it up by doing bound-box checking before doing the actual checks (which involved a lot of floating-point maths).

I’m quite pleased with my second Ludum Dare entry and look forward to doing another one! Right now I’m hyped up on sugar and caffeine (my sleep substitute) so I’ll probably go for a bike ride or something. See you all next time!

Screenshot of final game

Screenshot of final game

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