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August 22nd, 2010 4:46 am
Oats and Tinned apples - Breakfast of champs v1.1

Oats and Tinned apples - Breakfast of champs v1.1

Work in progress 1

So yesterday I had to go into work, losing me a good 8 hours and I┬áslept a good 11 hours waking myself up by passing gas loudly … but hey! It did the job!

I’ve got a FPS controller running around with a gun that launches gameobjects, a big placeholder boss and a sentry gun which tracks and shoots at the player.

Things to do today:

  • Give the player a hoover that can suck up the turrets, turning them into ammunition.
  • Give the player an ability to spawn turrets
  • Make a big boss dude and give him a rather lovely health bar
  • Make art and sound assets for everyone involved
  • Menus

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