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August 22nd, 2010 7:45 pm

My toy is done! (actually it has been done & submitted for a few hours now) It has no goal, thus why it’s more of a “toy” than a game.

It is played in the browser, because it’s a Java applet. It should work wonderfully in Windows and Linux with Sun Java 1.6.0_10 or newer. There is a link on the page to a Mac version but it’s iffy at best. Sorry Apple users, upgrade to a superior OS. 😛 In all seriousness though I wish I could’ve gotten it completely cross-platform. I feel like that would deserve a gold star or something.

Anyway I’m … content, I guess. Not entirely pleased, but not displeased either. And I’m sure this wasn’t bad at all for my first Ludum Dare. I learned some things:

  • Games need a goal. Next time I will plan to make a game, not a toy. I can’t believe I didn’t see this from the get-go.
  • Do something out of the ordinary. This game ended up frighteningly similar to the game that my group created at the Global Game Jam earlier this year. I became pretty depressed the moment I realized this fact, only a handful of hours before the end of the competition. I am an extremely uncreative person when it comes to ideas, and this discovery only underscored that fact.
  • Preparation is good. I’m talking about the time before the competition. School started this past week for me, but it didn’t start until Wednesday. What did I spend Monday and Tuesday doing? Not preparing for Ludum Dare, that’s what. Next time I need to actually prepare, because I spent a lot of time writing code that could have been prewritten as a library. I think my game would be much better if I had done that.
  • Breaks are good, too. I think I paced myself pretty well; I’m exhausted but not beat. But it definitely helped that I took breaks. I got plenty of sleep both nights, and I even stopped to bake cookies. I made sure to keep very calm and not rush or overexert myself. I think I did a pretty good job with this but I definitely want to keep it in mind in the future.

Well that’s about all I have to say about that. Good luck to everyone! I got a lot out of this weekend. I’m working on my timelapse video now, and I’ll either edit this or make a new post when I put it up on the Tube of You.

Birds of Prey screenshot 1

Birds of Prey screenshot 1

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