Ace Disguise Master

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August 22nd, 2010 7:26 pm

First of all I had to google disguise to figure out how to spell it right so if nothing else I learned that from this compo…

Ace Disguise Master takes a interesting approach to being an enemy to defeat enemies using enemies power. If that doesn’t count as enemies as weapons I’m out of ideas…

anyways screen shot:

A random level from my game

A random level from my game

The rest I will be using a  insert more tag as to not take up all of the main page with my random stuffSo Here I will mention the ups and downs this time:

Title Screen


3rd compo in a row! It’s almost a combo now!

6 full levels (That’s 2x the amount of  levels than any of my other compos)

3 Full Fledge Songs (Comparable to My last entry)

Sound Effects (1st time adding sound effects)

I managed to get gravity to cooperate with me in this game. (unlike my 1st compo where I could never get solid ground to completely work.)

Closer to progressive difficulty: This time it may actually get slightly harder as you go on instead of being a total breeze to a sudden nightmare. Or just randomly switching the difficulty like crazy. Nice to have it more balanced.


Bugs! Falling through floors I think is resolved but may not be!

Bugs! You may become completely invincible… not sure how it happens but I’ll have to fix.

Becoming the Enemy: I only got it to work so you could be 3 enemies. Didn’t really finish the one because he was supposed to be able to shoot…

Menu System: Pressing esc exits you from the game. I so would of rather-ed to have a menu system that would let you save but that never happened.


I think this is the best Ludum Dare I have entered thus far. My entry is unique has enjoyable music and sound effects. somewhat humorous back story. As far as I am concerned this is the best one I have done.

ok Enough boring everyone. Chugg Milk and Eat Donuts I’m out.

If you want more just go play the game. I added more there:

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