Delicious colors.

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August 21st, 2010 11:51 am

Frame of my game is pretty much done. Basically you have a “gun” or whatever, which shoots colors.  red, green and blue. There are enemies of the same colors, and you have to match the color to kill them. but wait, that’s the easy part. There are also  magenta, cyan and yellow enemies, and you for instance have to shoot your light blue light through a green (or green through blue) to finish the cyan ones. In addition there are also orange, crimson, violet, cobalt, turquoise, lime and white enemies, and you’ll have to combine your beam with more enemies to get rid of them!


Red ray + Cyan enemy = White ray.

the next part of the game is making a simple AI chaser, and a level “director”  along with something to protect in the middle of the map. I’m pretty happy with the color system, though, when you combine the “3rd” set (orange, violet etc) of colors you always get gray, which is the only loose end.

If things goes well I might even make an entertaining game, who knows :) I’m hoping to add slower but tougher (maybe they have two colors or something) enemies. but can’t say if there will be time for that.

I’m off to watch the outsides now though. been working 12 hours straight. weird part: I’m in a great mood! go ludum dare!


Some air did me great. my plan for the rest of the day (putting it here so that i wont be able to lie to myself or procrastinate!):

  • eat + coffee
  • concept “art” (using the term loosely) and modeling. hopefully i will get a nice butt ugly city :)
  • code the chaser AI and the level/AI director.
  • Sleep (This is important!)

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  1. zazery says:

    I really like the concept, can’t wait to play it.

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