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August 21st, 2010 1:14 pm

Really happy with how this is coming along. I want to focus on story stuff tomorrow, so I’m going to try and get the basic game working completely today – which means moving onto the RPG stuff right away.

Here’s a playable build!

You can walk around and that’s pretty much it so far. Refresh to generate a new level if you start stuck in a wall.

6 Responses to “Playable Build”

  1. pants12 says:

    i like the music nice creepy feel 😀

  2. lurreluck says:

    Very nice, I like it a lot. My favourite so far! :-)

  3. DrPetter says:

    Pretty cool. I chime in on the music being suitable. Could maybe be a bit less harsh, but it fits an empty dungeon like that. One thing I’d like to see is the automap filling in more in front of you, so if you see a dead end in the distance it will be marked on the map, and you won’t be lured into checking out the same area again (and again) later.

  4. moltanem2000 says:

    I’m slightly bothered by the wall slamming into my face every time, but other than that it’s pretty sweet

  5. keiya says:

    Oopsie on the music. Also you can walk into the outer walls, and they don’t show on the map. But heh, it’s coming along well I guess. Better than I could do >_>

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