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August 21st, 2010 2:33 am

Having spent the morning thinking of ideas, eating breakfast, thinking of ideas, playing UT3, thinking of ideas, I think I’ve finally come up with something.

The idea
There’s a city (“enemy” city). It’s full of people (and buildings). Things are drawn in abstract glowy lines style, or something, as if you’re watching it through some sort of special vision (which you are). Most of the buildings have no real function, other than that there’s some people in them. Some are more special, like police station, hospital, psych hospital, gun store, liquor store. Something like that.

Now, you have some sort of mind control weapon which you can use on citizens to convert them into your weapons. When they are converted, they will simply fight for you automatically, including trying to fetch guns etc. Of course, other people will probably defend themselves, and it will also attract police and, later, army. Police is more difficult to convert, and army are even more difficult.

Goal is to take over or destroy the city (haven’t decided yet). You only have a limited energy for your mind control device, so you must use it strategically, but luckily it will recharge faster when fighting is going on. I think it could be fun.

Work wise, it needs to generate cities (should be easy enough), then write the rendering code (probably easy), then there’s the actor stuff which will probably be the hard part, followed by balancing. Graphic wise, I will need representation of people. Currently I’m thinking just a vertical line + and icon if they are of a special type (police etc).

Not yet sure if army/police/normal people will have vehicles. Also not sure if I’ll make several custom designed levels, or I’ll just let people specify the variables for the generation. We’ll see (hopefully).

The ideas
Here’s the more general ideas I had before I came up with this idea:

  1. Scroller/overhead walk around, catch and throw enemies at other enemies, allow for chain reactions, preferably more abstract representation of things. There should also be coins to collect, of course!
  2. Sort of psychological propaganda game, you convince the enemies to destroy the other enemies.
  3. Some sort of commerce/trading game where you must make deals that are better for you than for the enemies (probably doesn’t fit).
  4. Some more lighthearted idea would be nice… INSERT IDEA HERE.
  5. Variant on 1, more of a puzzle game, you can capture certain kind of enemies, and then throw/fire them like a weapon of something on other enemies, over distance or over barriers etc. Stunned ones can then be used as weapons.
  6. Ultra Fleet.. oh wait, already did that.
  7. Maybe also a variant of 1/5, but instead of capture throw/fire, we mind control the enemies directly, and then control them while they go on rampage, or just hit switches, or whatever.
  8. Or there could be a shooter where the weapons are named of LD participants.
  9. Or taking 8 further, the game can be a series of boss battles, where each boss is an LD guy, and they attack with something from one of their game, then when you win over them, you get them as a weapon. Sort of fun, but might create some legal issues since I’d want to use some iconic object from some of their previous games.

    Disregarding the enemies as weapons, this could be a fun idea to try make as an slightly bigger project, outside a compo. Then there could be complete levels, with enemies of their previous games, building up to fighting them as a boss.


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