After about 6 hours straight messing with the platform engine, the graphics, and … pretty much everything, I think it’s safe to say this theme isn’t for me. I’m sorry guys, I tried really hard, but I don’t think I’m gonna get anywhere in the time frame. I could do the Jam, but I’m gonna be gone the extra day anyway so it doesn’t really matter.

Oh well, it’s not entirely a loss right? I still have this “awesome” (Awesome is subjective) intro I made!

CLICK ME??? (aka the download link)
f4 – fullscreen
esc – end

Best of luck to the rest of you, hopefully you won’t run into the same fate as me. 😉

3 Responses to “I think I might throw in the towel …”

  1. dock says:

    You can’t quit now. Plenty of people haven’t even started!! It’s 2pm in much of Europe, game developers are only just waking up!

    • rAzzB1tcH says:

      2pm … lol, that made me laugh.

      Anyway, I think the problem was that I spent so much time on the intro I didn’t plan ahead on the actual gameplay. Now I’m sitting here for 6 hours straight with no idea what to do.

      You DO have a point though, the competition has barely started. There’s a reason why I named the title “I MIGHT throw in the towel”. Hopefully inspiration will strike! 😀

  2. Surrealix says:

    Don’t Quit!

    Your game looks lovely, even if it is only an introduction. There are many of us who have yet to start gameplay, and the competition is barely 1/4 started.

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