GUI and core gameplay logic done…

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August 21st, 2010 12:53 pm

Finished lots of stuff… The GUI was pretty easy, and it doesn’t look half bad (I’ve done worse in the past, eheheh):


Still need to add some information on what’s the blue bar and the other bar that will be shown later (showing the progress of the super spell that’s being cast). Also left space for other spells, if I have time to make them work (game logic system already supports it, just a matter of implementing each spell).

Also done the possession logic:


The possessed soldier (the blueish one) has just killed another soldier (hence the grave), by dealing 25 points of damage… Different unit types deal different damage to the others… this way I can have archer units dealing more damage to dragon units than soldier units.

Currently, the fight system is done through a “I hit you, you hit me” thing, although I might want to add some randomness to it (just because it’s cooler), and even critical hits (because they’re even cooler!).

The game also implements an agro table so that the enemies attack whoever is dealing them more damage (which will make them prioritize, hopefully).

Not sure on what to do next… probably I should finish the game, with just some more units types (trivial to add) and game over/next level/success conditions, so I can try to balance it. That would leave me with whatever time I can gather on Sunday for polish and the Monday for all the spells and abilities I’d like to add to this game (although it could only be used in the jam then)…

Anyway, haven’t had this much fun doing a game for a 48-hour compo for some time now… :)

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