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August 21st, 2010 4:39 pm

After spending a little while yesterday lamenting how my first Ludum Dare had to have such a difficult theme, I composed myself and eventually settled on an idea. Using C as my programming language and SDL for tiles (and possibly sound, when I get around to it), I’m making a “mini-roguelike-like” game of sorts.

The gist of the game? Well, you’ll move around a small “dungeon” (which I hope to spice up a little) shooting, zapping, or bumping into robots to “kill” them in order to acquire their weapon and shield equipment. Every time a creature successfully attacks you, your shield will be weakened, until it finally runs out of power and a creature hits you and you die. And every time you attack a creature, your weapon will expend energy/ammunition until eventually it has none left.

Sounds a bit complicated and maybe a bit lame, but I hope to make it vaguely interesting: the trouble is, I’ve got less than a day left…

(Also, can I ask for clarification on one point: is it okay to use line-of-sight code—that I have full rights to—that I developed earlier for another game? Or is that against competition rules?)


(My breakfast: a peanut-butter roll on the left and a tomato-and-cheese roll on the right.)

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  1. rAzzB1tcH says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s fine if you take code from something else you’ve already made, because even if you redid it yourself by hand it would most likely turn out the same. Don’t quote me on that, though.

    Also damn, those rolls look GOOD. You people get amazing food while I have to live off tv dinners, lol.

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