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    Alien Super Mega Blaster – Work in Progress

    Posted by
    August 21st, 2010 5:42 pm
    Alien Super Mega Blaster - WIP 1

    Alien Super Mega Blaster - WIP 1

    Only managed a couple hours of coding so far this weekend.  At present have all the game state up and working.  I’m using XNA and have a tried and tested pattern for it.  So even though I’m not using a library other than XNA, its quick initial step and I can get this up and running withing 30 mins.  All the coding from now will be components, so for example if I run out of time and have not implemented a “display screen in game play component” then it will not break anything else.

    You can see from the attached link that I’ve made some progression on the game play aspects.

    Ludum Dare 18 – AlienSuperMegaBlaster 2010-08-22 01-20

    Fair bit today and lots of family stuff for tomorrow.  So touch and go for the compo, but should be able to submit for the Jam.

    PS Watched Tron earlier today and if nothing else been mildly influenced by the colour scheme. :-)

    PS: Keep forgetting to add titles to posts.  Sorry if this pops back to the top of the list.

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