Welcome to Ludum Dare 18!

Posted by (twitter: @mikekasprzak)
August 20th, 2010 6:43 pm

Wow… so, I just finished my keynote, and just finished uploading. Here it is. Get psyched!


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  1. rAzzB1tcH says:

    This thing has been around for 8 years? That’s pretty awesome, I had no idea.

  2. pants12 says:


  3. HybridMind says:

    I liked the scene with you photographing your food… :) thanks for this year’s keynote PoV !

  4. athanazio says:

    cool relaxed turtle !!
    good luck to all

  5. Manuel777 says:

    Cool, kept me entertained for the last minutes 😀

    (lol at 2:58)

  6. MrPhil says:

    Wait… what did you say? Godzilla was distracting me with his awesomeness.

  7. mocker says:

    This keynote needs more goats

  8. this keynote hit the internet so hard IT WOKE ME UP FROM MY SLEEP!

    (I like, but LD newbs may not be quite so entertained, but meh, they will get it after this weekend :D)

  9. Squarefish says:

    Yeah! I was drunk, got home and slept.

    Then I woke at EXACTLY 3am (plus a few minutes) which is the BST for the compo start.

    Maybe I’m dreaming OMG.

  10. PsySal says:

    POV you have the most amazing microphone. I’m coming to your house and stealing it.

  11. Covenant says:

    PoV, you’re the man! :)

  12. stqn says:

    I laughed at the food photo part :) … and the turtle… wow.

    Now it’s time to get something started, I guess (just woke up, kind of.)

  13. sol_hsa says:


  14. SonnyBone says:

    I’ve been looking for a boom like that for a long time, but I haven’t found one that really made me feel OOOOMPH.

    Yours makes me feel OOOOMPH!

    Where did you get it?!

  15. Xander Davis says:

    Thank you for the existence of Ludum Dare! I’ve been trying to make a completed Flash game since 2005 and BOMBCRASH is the first game I’ve ever completed! I really appreciate this competition! =)

  16. Xander Davis says:

    PS: the turtle was AMAZING

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