I Won’t Lose (Weight)!

Posted by (twitter: @netfighters)
August 20th, 2010 12:23 pm
Food + Desk

Food + Desk


3 Responses to “I Won’t Lose (Weight)!”

  1. billknye says:

    I like how you (and others) have modern LCD monitors and ancient looking desktop speakers.

    What is the Tom and Jerry container of? And is that a pound puppy?

  2. Kurama_Youko says:

    The speaker is a special anachronic touch haha. The Tom and Jerry container is my sacred giant cup of WATER (I swear!). And the puppy is a webcam, gift from my gf :). Quite gay, I know.

  3. Manuel777 says:

    darn you i have the same desktop image ¬¬ (a replicator, i hate you! XD)

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